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About Us

Oneputa Finance has been operating in Namibia for x years.

Our mission is to provide financial products to our clients at an affordable price.

Consistently providing the most reliable, efficient, affordable and responsible financial services to all our clients. Aiming to uplift their standards of living based on their financial needs and hopeful to help our clients and future clients achieve financial wellness and freedom.

Our Team

Meet our dynamic team!

Branch Contact Person Cellphone Email
Grootfontein Jacobine 0811279013 Jacobine@oneputa.com
Grootfontein Aina 0813158802 Aina2@oneputa.com
Grootfontein Evelina 0812369641 Evelina@oneputa.com
Grootfontein Olivia 0814461990 Olivia@oneputa.com
Grootfontein Sakaria 0814662961 Sakaria@oneputa.com
Ondangwa Aina 0813158802 Aina3@oneputa.com
Ondangwa Beata 0813868004 Beata@oneputa.com
Ondangwa Sem 0811422458 Sem@oneputa.com